Summer Projects

Summer still feels young, but at the same time I feel it slipping by.  My “Summer Projects” list seems weighty when compared to the amount of summer time left.

On my librarian mind these days?:

– Researching and evaluating e-book vendors like Overdrive and 3M’s new offering.

– Establishing a web presence.  To use WordPress or Google Sites or something like Square Space?  I’m overthinking it.  I should just jump in and not worry what platform I’m using.  Those things can be changed.

– Playing around with Koha.

– Becoming proficient at creating screencasts.

– The philosophies of the Unquiet Librarian (Buffy Hamilton) and R.D. Lankes (The Atlas of New Librarianship is proving to be quite the interesting read).

I’m also feeling kind of isolated professionally.  I’m reading a load of great blogs relating to librarianship.  I’m following a lot of interesting and creative people on Twitter, yet I can’t help but feel some distance.  A couple of months ago, one of my colleagues passed the article Office Party?  Let’s Tweet It on to me.  I was really excited by the energy of the group discussed in the article.  I want something like that, but locally.  I’ve been tempted to post something in a space like Meetup, but the fear gets in the way.  It’s the fear of not finding anyone or of having no one show up that keeps me from looking.  The fear of failure.   I’m going to try to move past that this summer too.


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