Dear Family: a letter home from Camp Magic Macguffin (week #2)

Dear Family,

I arrived at camp a little late, so I’m feeling behind and a little overwhelmed.  While everyone is skinny dipping in the lake tonight or making out in the poison ivy, I’ll be catching up on videos, articles, daily creates, and so on and so forth.  My bunk mates seem pretty cool and friendly, which helps.

You were right about camp not being as awkward as I thought it would be.  I dipped my toe into Minecraft today.  I’m looking forward to playing that more.  I’m also looking forward to becoming more adept at toggling between the Minecraft window and TeamSpeak window.  I feel pretty clumsy, but also motivated by the small amount of progress I made.

Ok.  Ok.  I’ll say it again.  You were right.  I’m glad I’m here.  I’m glad I didn’t wait until next year to sign up like I had planned.  I wanted to learn more about WordPress this summer.  I wanted to get into Minecraft this summer.  Camp Magic Macguffin is letting me do that and with other people.  Things aren’t quite as intimidating when there are other folks around.  There are other people to flouder with.  There are other people to help guide me through the road blocks.  So yeah…  I’m excited about camp.

That’s it family.  Until next week…



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