Adventures in Minecraft

Dudes!  Check out the brick shanty I built in Minecraft!

my first Minecraft house

My Minecraft house.


The inside of my Minecraft house

Two images of my brick hut of which I am quite proud, because it took for EFFING ever to figure this game out.  I haven’t played a video game (other than free, online Tetris) in years.  Figuring out the controls takes some time seeing as how the keyboard commands are so different from what I do from day to day.

I should’ve worked on Minecraft a few weeks ago when I still had a slew of middle school kids to help me out.  Probably would’ve taken a lot less time if I didn’t have to toggle between the game and Google searches.  I admit getting frustrated at some point in the process and thinking, “This really isn’t worth my time.”  But I stuck with it, because there’s some gratification in overcoming challenges, getting outside of the comfort zone, learning something new, and all of that cliched horse palooey.  And it’s fun.



7 thoughts on “Adventures in Minecraft

  1. Congrats on the shanty! You should be safe from any brick wolves who come to the door. I’m proud that you’ve stretched beyond the comfort zone (I am fumbling around minecraft too.

    PS- your style sheet seems to be gone from your blog? I am seeing it unformatted

  2. I hope you’ll share any ideas that come to mind about using Minecraft with students! At the middle school in which I work, we use the game quite a bit for a variety of modeling and project-management activities. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!


  3. Your house is full of righteous D-Aaaaw! It took me a long time to start building houses above ground, instead of slapping a door and a transom window into the middle of a cliff face. Nicely done.

    I’m enjoying the chance to play on a Minecraft server that isn’t populated with, and moderated by, my MS students. The one downside is that I’ve buit a workshop and now just spend all my time in the workshop. It’s loud with the Shop-Vac on.

    We should run a progressive dinner of some kind, caravan from house to house flinging around 8-bit pork chops and cake.

  4. Congrats on the great bunk house! I’m a Minecraft noobie myself, and look forward to learning with you! If you have time Monday night, Bunk 5, the #digiouijas, will be doing a group build after 8:30 EST to rebuild our bunk house, the Big Lebunkski!

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