Movie Scene Creeper and a story

Call me butter, because I’m on a roll!  Wheeeeeeee!

Here’s a visual assignment that Jim Groom can maybe appreciate.

A long time ago (almost 3 years ago) I had this life where I watched movies and read books and listened to music.  Then I had a baby (now a toddler), and I don’t do any of those things anymore, because my time is spent trying to raise this child to be a decent human being.

Back when I watched movies and read books and listened to music, the husband and I would visit our friend Matt Mills (who can be seen playing drums in the video below).

Matt Mills worked/works at Video Fan on Strawberry Street in this lovely city called Richmond.  Here’s a picture of Video Fan that I didn’t take:

Video Fan (RVA)

Matt Mills was a horror/exploitation/cult movie aficionado.  We spent a lot of time watching  questionable movies like White Dog and Tenement and gems like Spider Baby.  He talked a lot of Argento and Bava.  Matt was sweet enough to lend Will and I his Bava boxed set after my son was born.  Unfortunately, I was too sleep-deprived to remember any of what I saw.

I do, however, remember the shadows in those Bava films.  After reading the prompt for “Creep on a movie scene,” I thought about those Bava movies and I thought about this great picture I have of myself mopping up someone’s spilled drink at a party.  The picture is a shadowy, dark, and creepy:

The original photo is in color, so I just did a quick edit in iPhoto and changed it to black and white.  I then open the photo in Photoshop.  I found the still from Black Sunday through a Google Image search.  I downloaded that photo to my desk top and opened it in Photoshop too.

There was a lot of fumbling around in Photoshop, which I’ve never used before.  I created two layers–one with the mopping photo, the other with the Bava still.  The background from the mopping picture was deleted.  I experimented with the brightness and contrast.  Then I dragged the altered image into the Bava still.  I looked like a giant compared to the characters in the Bava movie, so I sized myself down a little.

I’d like to repeat it all just to make sure I have the hang of it.

Evil truly does lurk in the shadows.  Here’s the proof:

I shudda been in pictures

6 thoughts on “Movie Scene Creeper and a story

  1. Love this! The way you’re positioned it almost looks like you’re holding that front-most torch.

    Also, I can relate to the whole having a kid and not doing anything fun ever again, thing. 🙂 We used to watch movies, too. Then we had kids, and now we’re afraid to put one on. You just never know what kid is going to wake up, ask for something, start screeching about a bug he saw in his room, and then do it again 10 minutes later. Also, I tend to fall asleep whenever we try to watch something longer than an hour. 🙂

  2. The reading of the books and watching of the movies? It will come back…slowly. My wife and I are two kids in and it’s tough, although she’s a HUGE reader so that helps. I just stick to a few tv shows and video games.

    But that’s not terribly interesting, what IS interesting is the great way you made yourself a creeper in a black and white movie 🙂 Nice work for your first Photoshop job; might I suggest making a series of yourself hiding in Bava films, sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” type gallery 🙂

  3. THis is so brilliant.

    a) I know that movie store on Strawberry Street, one of the last great movie stores I have seen in Virginia. It’s also next to an awesome little Italian Deli/Pizzeria.

    b) Inserting yourself in a movie still is nothing short of brilliant, why haven’t we thought of this assignment before, and this is definitely it’s own assignment. Insert yourself in a movie still, or something like that. This is truly inspired, you rock. What’s more, bava is a genius, check out Diabolik, Black Sunday (perhaps his best), but Planet of the Vampires is s truly trippy one—and the inspiration for ALien.

    One more thing, saw Spider Baby on the big screen in LA, it was beautiful, and there is a scene from that movie I still want to use to explain Wikipedia. I hope to get on that soon now 🙂

    • Yup! Fan Video is beside 8 1/2, a great place to go for delicious Italian food. I really hope that Fan Video survives in an Amazon/Netflix world. The knowledge that those employees have beats any algorithm.

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