Letter Home: Week in Review (6/11-6/17)

Dear family,

Another week has passed.  How did this happen?  Where is the time going?  Why am I not getting anything done?  Good lord.

The weather has been lovely for swimming, archery, and horse stall mucking.  The weather has also been perfect for learning more about Photoshop in the arts & crafts cabin, where I’ve been spending a lot of time.  I’m hoping to check out more of Camp Magic Macguffin virtual (Minecraft) in the coming days.  I haven’t spent as much time there as I would like.  After our campfire in CMM virtual, I did create a Minecraft skin inspired by Felicia Day:

Minecraft skin inspired by Felicia Day

You see the resemblance?  Of course you do.  Now I just need to add said skin to my Minecraft gal.

I’ve been checking out the blogs of other campers and find myself pretty inspired by what people are doing.  Jim Groom is doing some pretty amazing.  Bosha created a really weird and rad version of the Slide Guy meme.  Chad Sansing did a whole flippity-flopping design sprint and a pretty cool lyric typography poster.  The works of fellow campers are pretty inspired.

These are the things I like most about camp:

1. The community/conversations.  Martha tweeted this morning that the internet is full of haters and trolls, but DS106 is all about the love.  It is, and that’s really great to have.  I’ve got this “professional learning network” of library gurus and ed-tech gurus, but I don’t feel like I could have a conversation with those people (I don’t think I want to, actually).  But I’m enjoying building connections with these DS106ers.  They rule.

2. Getting in the habit of doing something everyday.  Even if it’s a small 15-minute something.

3. Being in an environment where I have a reason to get out of my comfort zone.  I knew in the late winter that I wanted to learn how to play Minecraft, but I wasn’t sure where to start.  Having some kind of structure has helped.  Same goes with Photoshop.

4.  I’m starting to look at media differently.  I read an article in the newspaper or hear something on the radio or see an image and I think, “What can I do with this?”


This is what I did this week:

Daily Creates

Daily Create 155 — Mood inversion: read something profound and make it sound banal (or vice-versa)

I read a short passage from Watership Down.

Daily Create 158 — Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood

Daily Create 158

The Daily Create 158

Daily Create 157 — Give a 30 second tour of the place you like to write and think


Lyric Typography Poster assignment, which you can read more about here.

Lyric Typography Poster

Lyric Typography Poster featuring The Decemberists

I also did another movie scene creep after watching Ben Rimes’ “How To: Photoshop Magic Lasso” tutorial.

Geez.  I really slacked on the official assignments this week.


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