B-52’s Chipmunk’d!

Holy crow it’s been a busy week.  Had a couple of days of workshops with Diana Laufenberg.  Boy does she make me feel like a total slacker.

I’ve been kicking around the parks with the 2-year-old.  As a result, I totally neglected DS106.  I miss it.  The week doesn’t feel complete without doing something.  So here’s the first of what I hope is the first of several audio assignments.

I used Aviary’s Myna to chipmunk the B-52’s “Deadbeat Club.”

For your listening pleasure…


One thought on “B-52’s Chipmunk’d!

  1. Ha! I tried a couple of B-52 songs for this assignment, but went with something else. I really like the way the chorus comes out in this — I can totally imagine the chipmunks singing the harmony “We’re the Deadbeat Club,” with Alvin adding in the spoken “the Deadbeat Club” in the second and fourth bars !

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