Animated Giff’n

Finally.  I got around to making a few animated Gifs.  I chose Ghost World.  I love Thora Birch’s interpretation of Enid.  Birch’s expressions are priceless, and kind of capture what I feel at least a few times a week.  Is it healthy to possess so much teenage angst at 36?  I’m not so sure.

I decided to use the first day of summer school since the expressions in this scene sum up how Enid feels about a lot of the bullsh**ery that exists in the adult world.  For those of you who haven’t seen the movie or read the comic, Enid has just graduated from high school with the provision that she take and pass a summer art class since she failed the class during the school year.  Enid happens to be a talented artist.  I wonder how Enid would have done if she were in a class structured more like an independent study…

Here are those Gifs…

There’s too much dead time at the beginning of this first clip, but it was the first attempt.

Thora Birch in Ghost World


This one didn’t turn out quite as I had imagined either.  I also screwed up on the resizing.  But these things happen.

More Enid in art class


This one is my favorite:

Yup. Enid in art class


I followed Jim Groom’s tutorial.  Very helpful stuff there.







2 thoughts on “Animated Giff’n

  1. Hey, Melanie! I can see your GIFs animate if I open the larger linked image, but they appear static when embedded in your blog page? Alan explained this to me once, the first time I embedded a GIF in WordPress. It didn’t move! Apparently, WordPress creates a JPEG scaled to fit if your GIF isn’t sized in advance to fit — you have to embed it size-as, without reducing. The way I got around this was to scale the GIF to say 550 pixels wide (my blog body without sidebars) in my image editor, and then embed it.

    But these look great! I’m still waiting to do some cinematic GIFs myself, and hope they can turn out like yours!

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