Crazy random happenstance (or, “I was motivated by guilt”)

When the cat is away, the mouse will either clean the house, watch a movie, or read Photoshop tutorials and do DS106 assignments.  The husband is at the Chesapeake Central Library 2012 Monsterfest.

photo from the Chesapeake Central Library

I am bored to tears.

Last week at school I encountered a project that required the use of Photoshop.  I really have no excuse for not being completely comfortable with Photoshop and Gimp.  But since I hate to read instructions, I find myself fumbling through both programs when I’m called to use them.  Enough of that.  It’s time to get serious.  I settled in with Photoshop Essentials, and decided to rework the album cover assignment from Camp Magic Macguffin.

I’ve been thinking about Galeophobia’s album cover over the past week or so.  I used Befunky to create the photo effects.  I’ve been feeling totally guilty about that after reading a blog post by Alan Levine.

No one dishes out the guilt quite like Alan Levine (evidence below):

I read through a few of the basic tutorials about layers.  Photoshop layers make a lot more sense once you know how they work and what can be done with them.  Here’s the album cover for “More Than the Intelligence Quotient” by the band Robert Finch:

album cover for More than the intelligence quotient by the band Robert Finch

photo courtesy of Ingrid Eulenfan (Flickr)

I added a subtle diffused glow to the photo.  It was enough.  I think Ingrid Eulenfan‘s photo combined with the quote from Eugene S. Wilson.

It was crazy, random happenstance that the image and text fit together so well.

Stuff to work on: design (that font is awful and not placed well) and storytelling.


One thought on “Crazy random happenstance (or, “I was motivated by guilt”)

  1. Guilt dishing as charged! But hey, I cannot say enough about all the ways you contributed to ds106 especially over the summer. The thing is, for our open participants, whatever they do with us is a plus.

    The lash outs are mainly in response to a fair amount of student effort where it seems like they just do enough “get the assignment done” where I have hopes / dreams they will be thinking of the ideas behind the assignments and show me that thinking– e.g. you can do some things the way way but can really fill it out with what you right about it.

    The whole thing with these design assignments is they ought to be things where you might have to guess what has been edited.

    Need more guilt?

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