And now you get the fears, kid

Back in my undergrad days, I took a lit class on Robert Stone and Don DeLillo.  Because I was a mediocre student (who would’ve been better off working in “the real world” for a few years rather than dropping wads of borrowed money on an English degree), I remember very little about what I was supposed to have learned.  I do remember–vividly–the quote, “And now you get the fears, kid.”  It appeared in a Robert Stone novel.  Google tells me it’s from Hall of Mirrors.  I mutter that line to myself every time I panic about this or that.  I’ve been muttering that line in panicky situations since 1997.  I’m not sure what that means.  I guess it means that Robert Stone is an effective writer.

Last night I was reading my son either Cool Cars or Tremendous Tractors, when I paused every so slightly at the onset of what was almost a full blown panic attack.

cool cars and tremendous tractors

In two months I am going to be teaching a handful of seniors about making.  We’re going to be exploring the whole DIY/maker ethos and how that mentality works itself into music, art, education, technology, politics, etc. etc. etc.  I’m pretty passionate about the topic.  What I’m not is eloquent.  I’ve got lots of books, articles, video clips, etc.  What I don’t have is a bank of engaging projects we can do.  It is a class about making after all.  It makes sense that our projects will tie into the kids’ interests, so having a list of things to do isn’t necessarily realistic at the moment.  Did I also mention that this class needs to include elements of government, ethics, and economics?  Scheisse.

Sometimes I stumble across things like this:

and this:

Kent/Cage Rules for Students & Teachers

I think, “Yeah.  It’s going to be ok.  It’s all going to be ok.”

Then the fear sets in.

Spring semester seniors taking a class on making taught by someone who had to call her dad to come fix her leaky porch.  That’s cute.


But hey.  I did disassemble and reassemble that Makerbot extruder the other day.  And I did just get my Radioshack electronics Learning Lab.  Wheeee!

It’s not necessarily what we know January 7th, but what we learn along the way.

Alright.  I feel better now.  Thanks.




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