And then the car just stopped

This is my car.

the family car

the family car

It’s a Toyota Echo, and I love her.  I bought this car almost 10 years ago.  She’s been paid for for almost that long.

I thought I lost her Wednesday after some odd smells and wonkiness that surely suggested a shot transmission.  Luckily my diagnosis was wrong.  The competent folks at the Village Exxon brought the Echo back to life for a mere $640.

One of my top 5 regrets in life is not taking auto mechanics my senior year of high school.  I had space in my schedule to fill.  I couldn’t fill it with a second study hall.  I was so close to enrolling in the auto mechanics class.  Instead I opted for keyboarding.  Taught by my mom.

I already knew how to type.  I already knew how to use word processing software.

Sometimes–usually when there’s vehicle maintenance or repair on the horizon–I think about why I chose not to take that auto mechanics class.

It was the fear.  What if I’m not good at it?

Same as it ever was, right?

So here’s my resolution: the next time I make excuses for sticking to the easy and familiar path, I’m going to call myself on it.  Ideally there will be some action too.

That’s it.  Go about your business.


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