Getting ready for Tuesday

For a few months I’ve been thinking about zipping over to the Wal-mart and picking up 16 or 17 of these pocket-sized composition notebooks for the kids enrolled in the DIY/Maker seminar.  Then I’d have to ask myself, “Why buy these notebooks when the students can make their own?”

Notebook.  Fun size!

Notebook. Fun size!

Recently Jared Nichol posted a link to Studio H, which looks like a pretty inspired maker program in California (by way of Bertie, NC).  The kids open their semester making sketchbooks.


And so it will be done in Richmond, VA next week.

I decided to whip up a quick prototype of a sketchbook before a rare chance to have lunch with my husband and before receiving a call to pick up a sick Jobot from school.

poor kid

poor kid

I used some cardboard for the front and back covers, which is too thick and rigid for my taste.



I folded up some paper…

paperpunched some holes…

holesmade an attempt to stitch the covers and paper together*…

bindingand then wrapped it all up with some duct tape.

finalopenfinalIt’s serviceable.  I’ll use a heavy cardstock or a thinner cardboard next time.  I’ll also use less embroidery thread to avoid the rat’s nest.

I did like the running stitch that I ended up doing.

MSruch1357350419So that’s that.  The new semester starts Tuesday.  I have some vague idea of where we’re going the first few weeks.  After that it gets kind of foggy.  I’m trusting that the kids will help guide our path.  After all, the direction we take depends on what they are interested in doing and what they want to make.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Tuesday

  1. As you said, it looks more than serviceable! I really like the stitching along the spine too considering the obviously high quality string/yarn that you’re using 🙂 I was a huge fan of the small spiral notebooks when I was in school, the kind that flip up from the top; it was a great way to jot down quick notes and ideas that I wanted to remember. Twitter and blogging have taken that place now, but what I wouldn’t give to make my own right now.

    • Twitter, blogging, Evernote, and Scoopit are great virtual notebooks for me…. Until I forget that I saved/favorited/bookmarked something. I find having a pocket-sized notebook useful for writing down things on the fly: a quote from a Youtube video, a passing thought while playing with the kid. The notes app on the ipod touch also works well…. I have entirely too many notebooks….

      • I prefer having something physical I can carry around as well, especially having several curated accounts full of information go *poof* when social sites have gone bankrupt.

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