Animated GIFs in the morning

Some mornings just call for an animated GIF.

Merle from the Walking Dead

Merle from the Walking Dead

This was from Sunday’s episode, “This Sorrowful Life.“  It’s a favorite scene.  Mainly because someone was clever enough to choose Motörhead as the soundtrack.


It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…

I do have a job.  I have plenty to do too, but I’m starting to get that “all work and no play” feeling.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any Daily Creates though I have been peeking at them on a regular basis.  TDC282 popped up a few days ago, and I immediately added “find footage of Mitt Romney on phone” to my to-do list.  I also did a mental scan of the city.  I have no idea where one could find a pay phone.  Do they still exist?  What are the demographics of Maroon 5 fans?  Would said fans even know what that “Payphone” song is about?  Does Maroon 5 fans?

I finally got around to making and shipping the idea Friday night.  I “filmed” parts of it with my iPod Touch, and didn’t think to shoot horizontally.  Tsk tsk.

I borrowed the Mitt Romney footage from here.

So that was fun.  I’d like to see Mitt Romney as a DS106 open participant.  What would he do with Big Bird and binders?


This conversation is being tape recorded

By the time Friday evening rolls around, I’m pretty useless.  Friday nights are good for a decent beer and maybe a movie.  Friday nights are also good for DS106.

I’ve spent the work week cataloging a slew of new books.  It’s boring, soul-killing work.  I did reward myself with some Makerbot time today though.  I printed a companion cube (today’s Makerbot daily print).

Daily print for 9/7/12

As it was printing, a group of upper school kids came in and checked out the Replicator as it was printing.

Kid A:  “What are you making?”

Me:  “A companion cube.”

Kid A:  “OH MY GOD!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I’VE GOT TO MAKE ME A COMPANION CUBE!  Hey, she’s making a companion cube!”

Or at least it went something like that anyway.  Unbridled enthusiasm–that’s what it was, and it’s what was needed at the end of a tedious week.

I also rewarded myself with some DS106 tonight.  I caught up on videos, thought about movie scenes that I could use for GIFing, popped in Clue, and settled in to read some DS106 blogs while keeping one eye on the screen.  I stumbled across a blog post by Kelsey Matthews.  She also GIFed a scene from Clue.  Talk about your plate of shrimp.

I decided to use the cut-away to Yvette in the billiard room with the tape recorder.  She’s recording Tim Curry’s explanation as to why the guests (Col. Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. Scarlett, etc. etc.) are being blackmailed by the party host.

In the billiard room with the tape recorder

It’s not as cool as I was thinking it would be, but that’s ok.  One day.  One day I’ll have something just as awesome and artful as this.

Re-interpreting the Daily Create

I totally got schooled today.  Totes.  Schooled.

I certainly can’t have that, so I got to thinking about yesterday’s Daily Create, which was “Take a picture of a cloud and tell us what it looks like to you.”

I checked the Daily Create yesterday and then looked at the sky.  It looked something like this for most of the day:

Rainy Day photo courtesy of Alexander Barreto (or Hialean on Flickr)

Rainy Day photo courtesy of Alexander Barreto (or Hialean on Flickr)

After a week of 100+ degree days and no rain for forever, yesterday’s showers were a welcome sight.  I promptly forgot about TDC #184 and went about my day.

I forgot about it, that is, until I was reading my son stories before bed time.  One of last night’s stories was A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock.  Kids’ books are weird, and this one is no exception.  There’s a lot of talk about guns and animals killing each other.  But look what’s on the last page:

A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock

A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock


I was going to snap a picture of this page last night and upload it to Flickr (the cloud in the top left corner reminds me of a shark), but I (a) forgot (b) was lazy (c) was forgetful (d) all of the above.

So let’s talk about re-interpreting.

Shortly after I read that I had invented the lamest excuse ever (truth), my son pulled a bag of poly-fil (the filling for stuffed animals, quilts, and whatnot) off the shelf.

He takes this stuff out of the bag, puts it on his head and my head, and calls it “bubbles” since it looks like bubbles in the bathtub.  Do you know what else it looks like?


“Here’s your re-interpretation,” I thought as I taped the poly-fill to one of the windows.  I had a vision that this taped-up poly-fil would look like clouds in the sky.  Do you know what poly-fil looks like taped to a window?  Santa Claus’s pubes.

I was close to just snapping the picture and being done with it, but I wanted to make it work.  I wanted something that would kind-of-sort-of match up to the image I had in my head.

Maybe taping the poly-fil to blue construction paper with a yellow sun would make things look less pube-ish.

Less obscene, yes.  But still lame.

I give up.  Jobot and I play with his cars.  Jobot drives his cars into the bubbles/clouds/fog.

YES, JOBOT!  That’s it!  Hand me those planes!

And here’s what we do:

That was fun.

So I got that TDC #184 (even if it was a day late), but do you know what I loved most about the whole thing?  The fact that my kid was involved and the process of failing, failing, failing, and then finally getting it.  True, these were small fails on what some would consider an insignificant task, but it felt good nonetheless.

So there.  #4life.  I win.  Maybe… there’s still that seven day Daily Create challenge.